Q: What is Proposition 218?

Proposition 218, or the “Right to Vote on Taxes Act”, was approved by California state voters in November 1996. The Act amended the California constitution to require local governments to follow certain procedures when they impose fees for certain kinds of services in order to ensure that they are subject to voter approval.  Prop 218 is a tool designed to provide greater public involvement in the rate setting process.

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1. Q: What is Proposition 218?
2. Q: Why are we proposing to raise the rates?
3. Q: When was the last time we raised the Solid Waste Rates?
4. Q: How can I protest the proposed rate adjustments?
5. Q: What needs to be included in my protest?
6. Q: Can I call, email, fax or zoom in my protest?
7. Q: How can I support or vote “yes” on the proposed rate adjustments?
8. Q: When will the proposed rate increases take effect?
9. Q: I heard about the proposed rate increase, but didn’t receive paperwork. How can I get a copy?
10. Q: What is the consequence if the proposed rate increases are voted down?
11. Q: How long will these rates be in effect?