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Contractor Construction Permit Application

  1. 1401 Draper Street Kingsburg, CA 93631 Phone: 559-897-5328 Fax: 559-897-6558

  2. If different than above.

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  13. Type of Project

  14. Residential

  15. Re-Roof

  16. Commercial

  17. Applicant Statement

    I certify that I have read this application and state that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to comply with all city and county ordinances and state laws relating to building construction, and here authorize representatives of the City to enter upon the above-mentioned property for inspection purposes. I (We) agree to save, indemnify and keep harmless the City of Kingsburg against liabilities, judgments, costs and expenses which may accrue against said City on consequence of the granting of this permit.

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  20. Residential

    (Circle all that apply)

  21. Non Residential

    (Circle all that apply)

  22. Is this project exempt?

  23. Swimming Pool

  24. Does this project consist of a re-roof?

  25. Type of roof being replaced

  26. Square Footage

  27. (Submit plan with permit application to the City of Kingsburg Building and Safety Services)

  28. Material Will Be:

    (Circle One)

  29. (Facility name where debris was taken)

  30. Material Will Be:

    (Circle One)

  31. Facility name where debris will be taken)

  32. Construction waste generated on this project for transport to a recycling facility will be:

  33. (complete and submit at project completion by attaching weight tickets to this document)

  34. Material Was

    (Circle One)

  35. (Facility name where debris was taken)

  36. Material Was

    (Circle One)

  37. (Facility name where debris was taken)

  38. I have read the C&D Ordinance. I acknowledge that I am responsible for compliance with the C&D Ordinance and CAL Green Code. A permit will not be issued until all requirements under the C&D Ordinance are met and the applicable fees are paid. Cal Green Building Code requires 50% diversion of waste from construction and demolition projects.

  39. Person Signing the Plan

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    By checking the box below I am agreeing that all the information I have provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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