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Community Development Director Responsibilities

The Community Development Director plans, directs, and oversees the activities and operations of the Planning, Building and Development Department including:

  • Planning
  • Building inspection
  • Serves as staff advisor to the Planning Commission and other commissions/committees as assigned
  • Presenting reports and recommendations on zoning and land use matters
  • Serves as City liaison with developers and property owners
  • Provides administrative support to the City Manager

The Community Development Director supervises personnel assigned to building permitting and inspection and code compliance activities.

Kingsburg Housing Element Update

The City is participating in the State-required housing element update as part of a Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional effort. The Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element will cover the planning period of 2023-2031, and must be adopted and submitted to HCD for certification by December 31, 2023.

The Housing Element is one of the eight required elements of the General Plan and the only element required to be approved (“certified”) by the State. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has the legal authority to review and certify housing elements.

The final Draft Housing Element was submitted to the State Department of Housing and Community Development for review on June 2, 2023.   

The City of Kingsburg’s 2023-2031 Housing Element includes local sections and a set of regional sections that are contained in the Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element. Both documents have been revised in response to initial comments received from HCD on July 19, 2023. The files are available on the City’s website at this link:


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Community Development Director


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