Destination Dining Cluster

Several years ago, the people involved with economic development in Kingsburg decided to capitalize on the businesses that made them a strong and dynamic community. At that time, the City had several locally owned and operated restaurants that were well known throughout the area.

Promoting Kingsburg Dining
Since then, promotional efforts have been put into place to entice diners from the Central Valley and Highway 99 motorists into Kingsburg for unique dining experiences. The strategy, called Destination Dining has proven successful. Today there are 27 locally owned and operated restaurants (PDF) in Kingsburg and as a cluster the group has steadily and consistently increased in revenue quarter over quarter for years.
Quote From Jolene Polyack
According to Economic Development Coordinator Jolene Polyack, “We’ve noticed that most communities are clamoring to secure national restaurant chains. We realized that Kingsburg has a totally different personality than any other city in the Central Valley. We asked ourselves ‘Why would we want to become like everyone else?’ People are not going to travel from Fresno to Kingsburg for an Applebee's meal but they will for restaurants like Jonathan’s, Deli Casa, The Dala Horse Café, Corsaro’s Family Pizza, and Royal & Ancient Grill where the experience can not be obtained anywhere else. It allows us to retain and enhance our individuality as a community. Of course, we welcome national restaurants to our community, but we put our local efforts into our uniqueness.”