There are a number of financial incentives available to both new and existing businesses in Kingsburg.

For those looking to locate or expand in Kingsburg:
  1. 21-day administrative approval for permitting
  2. 25% reduction in the City's Capital Facilities Fees (impact fees)
  3. 50% rebate of the City's portion of real estate property taxes for 36 months
  4. 50% rebate of the City's portion of sales taxes for 36 months
  5. Further reduction or elimination of City fees for eligible projects in the Business Improvement Zones (B.I.Z.)
Public/Private Partnerships
  1. Forgivable Loan Program ($75,000+ in matching funds)
  2. Facade/Alley Improvement Program (up to $10,000 in matching funds)
  3. Micro-Grant Program ($15,000+ in matching funds)
  4. Upper Floor Rehab Forgivable Loan Program (up to $20,000 per unit in matching funds)
  1. Jolene Polyack

    Consulting Economic Development Coordinator