Sales Tax - Measure E

The Kingsburg City Council considered a proposal that would fund enhanced public safety operations through a voter approved tax measure.  Before proceeding, they asked for citizen input to determine if the measure was supported by the community and what the most important resources residents would like to see added.

After considering public input, City Council voted unanimously to place Measure E on the 
June 5, 2018 ballot in order to provide a measured and stable revenue source to fund additional public safety personnel and equipment. The sales tax measure was approved by 71% of voters.  The 1 percent sales tax increase began on October 1, 2018.  This sales tax is a special tax, therefore revenues generated from it will go into a dedicated fund and only be used for public safety related expenditures. 

On August 1, 2018 City Council passed a resolution forming a citizen oversight committee as promised to the voters as part of Measure E. The purpose of the committee is to ensure funds are spent only on public safety. 

The five committee members are: 
Chair Staci Smith, 
Vice Chair John Matic
Member Jerry Avedikian
Member Porfirio Chavez 
Member Bryan Cogburn

The Public Safety Tax (Measure E) Citizens Oversight Committee meets as needed in the City Council Chamber, 1401 Draper St. Meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend. Contact City Clerk, Abigail Palsgaard for meeting information. 

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