2022 District Map Drawing Tools

Map Drawing Tools

If you would like to submit a map created using your own software, please email to apalsgaard@cityofkingsburg-ca.gov and include: (1) a GIS Shapefile and/or a Census Block equivalency file (using 2020 Census Blocks); and, (2) a description of the choices and key points of your map. The deadline to submit maps is 2/2/2022 at 5pm. They will be posted by 2/7/2022 at 5pm.

Interactive Map Review:  https://arcg.is/K0DmX– to review, analyze, and compare maps, not to create them. Zoom in and out on map boundaries, view population counts/ID#s, and view draft maps (once the draft maps are released). Similar to Google Maps in ease of use

Online Map Drawing Tool: davesredistricting.org

User guide: https://www.ndcresearch.com/daves-redistricting-app-user-guide/