Planning Information

The planning and protection information provided by our Prevention Division is essential for the preservation of life and property. Our Prevention team is committed to providing the proper information needed to keep your property or business safe with proper compliance. Inspections are performed regularly to ensure engineering, permits or other requirements are up to date. Fire prevention works closely with the City of Kingsburg to ensure developmental standards are implemented consistently throughout the community.

Online permit submittal options coming soon!

Aerial view of buildings

Knox Box Information

The following Knox boxes are familiarized and accepted throughout the Fresno County region.

KnoxBox 3261

Model 3261 - KnoxBox 3200

  • Surface Mount
  • Hinged Door
  • Black
  • Price: $459
Knoxbox 3270 Recess Mount

Model 3270 - KnoxBox 3200

  • Recess Mount
  • Hinged Door
  • Black
  • Price: $518

For more information on the KnoxBox email our Prevention Division or dial 559-419-0778.