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Home Occupation Permit

  1. City of Kingsburg Application for Home Occupation Permit
  2. Provide as much detail as possible, including if you are internet based and how your product is delivered.
  3. See City Code 17.56.010 – B - 13
  4. See City Code 17.56.010 – B - 12
  5. If renting, please provide documentation of permission from the homeowner.
    If this application does not meet Administrative Approval criteria it will proceed to the Planning Commission for a formal public hearing and approval.
  6. Attached to this application you will find the Application for Business License (see 1401-B-17) and the Zoning Ordinance relating to Home Occupations.
  7. Upon approval a Home Occupation permit will be issued with any additional terms and conditions.
  8. The undersigned applicant understands and agrees to the conditions for a Home Occupation application.
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    The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge.
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