Q: What needs to be included in my protest?

(1) State that the identified property owner is in opposition to the proposed increases to the solid waste rates;

(2) Provide the location of the identified parcel (by street address or assessor’s parcel number (APN);

(3) Include the printed name and original, wet signature of the property owner submitting the protest;

(4) Date the protest was signed; and

(5) Certification by the named property owner that the contents of the protest are true and correct.


Your signed protest may also be delivered/ dropped off  in a sealed envelope and have “Attn: Protest Solid Waste Rate Increase "written on the outside in order to properly identify and account for the vote.

The  notice and protest  form will be mailed to you separately from your June utility bill. The protest forms  are due by end of the public hearing on August 3, 2022. 6pm- 1401 Draper Street -City Council Chamber. 

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